Hacker sells Million of Stolen Accounts on Dark Web

Hacker sells Million of Stolen Accounts on Dark Web
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Each day the attacks of potential hackers on the internet is increasing at a rapid rate. These hackers then sell the new hacked count on other platforms, thereby making an enormous amount of money. A similar case has again taken place, wherein a hacker who has sold almost 890 million online accounts that had been stolen from thirty-two popular websites is now selling another batch of millions of records that have been originated from six other sites in the dark web.

As per the reports, the hacker is a Pakistani hacker who goes by online alias Gnosrticplayers. The Pakistani hacker has also claimed to have hacked dozens of accounts from many popular websites from many companies. According to him the best part of his hacking was that the companies had absolutely no idea that they were getting compromised.

Hacker sells Million of Stolen Accounts on Dark Web

Just last month the Pakistani hacker has set up three rounds of stolen accounts for sale on the dark web market which is known by the name of Dream Market. He had posted the details of almost 620 million hacked accounts which had been stolen from sixteen websites in the first round of the sale.

While in the second round of the sale on the dark web market known as the Dream Market 127 million records of hacked data stolen from eight websites had been given up for sale. In the third round, the hacker had given 92 million records of hacked accounts stolen from eight websites. This proves the level of magnitude upon which the hacker has been operating.

However, while uploading the third round of stolen database, Gnosticplayers has informed the Pakistani hacker that this would be his last batch of selling the hacked database. According to the reports the Pakistani hacker had been selling the hacked databases for a worth of 1.2431 Bitcoins, that roughly stands to $5,000.

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