Top 5 Best Free Architecture Software for Architecture – 2018 (Updated)

Best Free Architecture Software for Architecture
Best Free Architecture Software for Architecture

If you are Architecture and looking for best free architecture software so you can go through from our list of free 3d architectural design software and 3d home architecture software. You can easily use these tools to make 2D and 3D design on your Windows PC and on Mac Computers.

There are many reasons why you might be looking for a free architecture software which can help you to build up a personal map for a room or a home. Furthermore, it’s a great way to study and practice new skills digitally. This free architecture software saves money as well as your time. You can easily digitize your ideas for your floor pan idea or a complete 3D blueprint of your holiday home. free 3d architecture software

A free architecture software will help you to avoid any regretful experiencing while making the actual structure. The inbuilt animations and stimulation feature will help you to know about the weak points in your blueprint. If you’re clear about how you want to build your house, then you can try this software to simulate how they will look like after you finish building them. best free architecture software

Top Free Architecture Software

We have tried much free architecture software and listest out the best ones below, let’s check them out:

1. DesignWorkshop Lite

Best Free Architecture Software for Architecture
Best Free Architecture Software for Architecture

This is a great best 3D architecture software which enables you to make a 3D design for home and floor plans or other landscapes. Design Workshop has a great user-friendly working environment. You will find it easy to get used to them in a short period of time. You can easily set features like elevation, lengthening, projection, zoom in and out for the user. Text message and annotations can be added to blueprint as well.

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There are many cut-copy options along with basic tools for shapes like square, circle. It also supports laying and backdrop images in GIF, JPG, PNG, and PICT file formats. However this software is not ideal for designing floor plans, but you can create one if you have the required skills. This is a great software for new users who just want to create simple 3D renders of buildings and other solid objects.

2. My Virtual Home

Best Free Architecture Software for Architecture
Best Free Architecture Software for Architecture

This is another free architecture software for those who want to plant about their home building or anything in general. You can easily render up walls, doors, bathroom, sink, kitchen, etc. in this free software. This particular software has great options for interacting with models, objects, surfaces, furniture and other materials to determine the lightening aspects while rending your project.

This free software includes highly detailed materials and service suppliers alongside. You can determine the total cost of the project and other financial aspects from my Virtual Home.

3. AutoCAD Architecture

This is a great software mainly recommended for professionals who are good at it. AutoCAD is a professional but a free architecture software which is brimming with advanced features and tools. This particular software provides precision and detailed illustrations and drafting of models.

It comes in a free package which is a trial version if you further like it and feels if its worth your money then you can purchase its license. Although the free version of this software is just a trial but it offers much much more than any free architecture software which we are going to mention today. It is a multiplatform software, i.e., its available both for windows as well as Mac users.

4. SketchUp

This software is exactly what it is named for. It will help you to create great plans for their personal homes. its quite easy and has no learning curve what so ever. Furthermore, it has built-in extensions aka tools for setting up walls, bathrooms, doors, tables, etc. in your blueprints. This particular piece of software is highly capable of creating interactive models, objects, surfaces, etc. free 3d architectural design software

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It also has a built-in lightning engine which will give you an idea how the sunlight will enter the house and how it will appear in the evening. Its a perfect software for those people who don’t want to hire an architect for designing their home but want to design their home themselves. You can easily construct the blueprint of your own desire and check whether it suits your needs. The best part is that this software is completely free of cost with no paid strings attached.

5. Revit Architecture

This is a free architecture software designed for students and educational professionals. They also include a three-year free license for other users as well. Its a great software for students and helps them in learning the basic and complex ideas. The best part of this software is its auto-save feature which instantly saves all the data which resides in your ram while you are working on the projects.

This feature helps your data to b safe in any kind of mishappening. Furthermore, the software is quite accurate in terms of designing blueprints and illustrations of buildings and certain other objects. After drawing a structure, you can either see it as 3D rendering, draft swiftly or see it as a plain blueprint.

From Editor’s Desk

So, guys, these were the top free architecture software which are available in the market right now. This software are great for students who are learning architecture and a great tool to play with in general. You can easily create some cool buildings and blueprints with all the titles which we mentioned above.