Drake’s Fortnite Account Hacked and the N-Word Dropped at a Charity Event

In a recent streaming event for charity held during Tyler Ninja Blevins streaming session, someone broke into the Fortnite account of Drake and went on saying the n-word multiple times. The streaming event was held in support of Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Conservation Fund named the Ellen Fund.

When Duddus647, reportedly Drake signs on to the game, Ninja is heard is saying, “I’m not sure if Drake meant to invite me”. It was reported by the Verge during the weekend that Ninja ended the game the moment whoever had gained access to Drake’s account started saying the n-word.

Drake’s Fortnite Account Hacked and the N-Word Dropped at a Charity Event
Image Source – https://www.dexerto.com

Ninja went on and defending Drake said, “That’s not Drake” to the fans who were watching the event. Fans believed it to be Drake and were under the impression that he was making a surprise Fortnite entry.

In the end, Ninja exclaims, “What do you do about that, man?” after ending the game. He further explained, “That’s awkward. On a charity Stream Man. Gotta love it, Dude”. Ninja went ahead and messaged drake that his account was compromised by someone else. He also informed Epic Games about it.

In a recent event this year, Ninja and Drake smashed all Twitch viewership record. Travis Scott was also with them and it was phenomenal for both the industries.

Kate Jhaveri, Twitch’s SVP of marketing observed that it was a great cultural moment seeing Drake and Ninja together on Twitch as they were bringing their respective fanbases much closer together through a shared community platform. She also described that events like this showcase ow important social video are in present times and that it will only grow significantly in the future.

Sources – Complex, Dexerto

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