Download WhatsApp Gold MOD Apk Free (Gold Edition Apk) 2017

Download WhatsApp Gold MOD Apk Free
Download WhatsApp Gold MOD Apk Free

Gold Whatsapp Edition Mod Apk- HI guys, are you crazy for Whatsapp and you spend your lots of time on this app, so here we have a very interesting thing for you that will change your experience of using Whatsapp. If you have bored by using same theme or mod of Whatsapp then here we have very interesting Whatsapp mod for you that is Gold Whatsapp Edition Mod Apk. It is very user-friendly just like original Whatsapp which anyone can use easily.

In the latest version of Whatsapp Gold mod, you can customize your Whatsapp features and also do more cool things with Whatsapp Gold edition. You can easily download this Whatsapp Gold Edition on your android smart phone from direct download link which we provide below. Apart from the new feature, you can also do same things on Whatsapp Gold edition which you are already using on your original Whatsapp. You can hide your last seen, hide profile photo, hide status and more that you already know.

Whatsapp Gold Edition Mod Apk

In this Whatsapp Gold mod, you will instantly send unlimited messages, images, videos, audios and files to any person. It has very rich features like you can send videos above a GB and send unlimited images at once. Well in this article I am sharing Whatsapp Gold Edition for your Android device and this mod is totally safe that you can use on your Android device without any hassle.

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Some of you are already using other Whatsapp mod like GbWhatsapp mod Apk but this Whatsapp Gold edition mod is the best mod of Whatsapp which is a well-modified version of original Whatsapp and easy to use. There are so many awesome features like you can disable your voice calling & video calling option. Gold Edition is a pack of fun where you can easily change or add any features of Whatsapp. If you have any problem with any feature of Whatsapp then you can disable them. For example- sometimes we have pressed call button accidentally which most of us don’t like so in that case you can disable call button.

Download WhatsApp Gold MOD Apk Free
Download WhatsApp Gold MOD Apk Free

Basically, Whatsapp Gold Edition offers you to send unlimited messages, photos, videos and other stuff at once. There is no limit of sending images and videos and also no limit of size. In original Whatsapp, you just are able to send video up to 30 MB but in this gold mod, you can send video up to 6 GB at once which is awesome. And in original Whatsapp, you are able to send 10 photos at once but on this edition, you can send unlimited photos at once. There are so many awesome themes which you can use and change your Whatsapp style.

Original Whatsapp features:

1). Change font style and text style

  • For bold, add asterisks to before and after the word, e.g.- *word*
  • For Italic, add underscores, e.g.- _word_
  • For strikethrough, add tildes, e.g. -~word~
  • For font style, add ‘ symbol three times, e.g.- ‘’’word’’’

2). Broadcast Lists

With this option, you can send the same message to multiple contacts at once. Go to Whatsapp -> menu -> New Broadcast -> add contacts and write the message which you want to send.

3). Send Photos and Videos

You can send photos up to 10 a the same time and also send videos up to 20 MB.

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4). Photos show in group

Whenever you send or receive multiple photos that were showing in a row but now it will show in group together as album.

5). Send Document

Now you can send your entire document on Whatsapp, doesn’t matter what type of your document.

Features of Whatsapp Gold Edition:

1). No limit to send photos and videos

In this gold edition, you can send unlimited videos and photos at once but you can’t send more than 10 photos on original Whatsapp.

2). Disable or hide voice call, voice note, and video call

You can easily disable the option of voice calling, Voice note and video calling and you also able to hide these calling buttons.

3). Sound Notification

When you will send messages to someone, it will inform you that message has been send via notification sound.

4). So Many Themes

There you have so many themes which you can install on Whatsapp gold edition. You can find your favorite theme and apply on your Whatsapp gold account.

5). Lots of Emoji

In this gold version, you will get lots of interesting and unique emojis. It also offers you ISO 9 and marshmallow’s emojis.

6). Preview an image before Download

If anyone will send you an image, you can see that image before download which is the best feature of this Whatsapp Gold edition.

7). Send HD Photos

This App will allow you to send high definition photos through Whatsapp gold edition. it will never compress you file or quality.

8). Play Video Before Download

You can also play video while downloading which you receive in Whatsapp gold edition.

New Features in Whatsapp Gold Edition Mod APK:

  • Whatsapp New Look
  • Change the Emoji color
  • New Font Style Added for Different Look
  • Add Option to change header in Conversations between Old Ul & Call Ul
  • FAB added
  • Send video to size 5 GB instead of 20 MB
  • Send unlimited images at once
  • Added Option to convert the color of the contact and message of the White name in conversations
  • Bold Name contact in Chat
  • Added Option to Hide/Show FAB (Floating action button)
  • Image/Video preview without download
  • Optimized the features according to your choice
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