Top 10+ Dofollow High PR Document Sharing Sites List (UPDATED)

Dofollow High PR Document Sharing Sites
Dofollow High PR Document Sharing Sites

Dofollow High PR Document Sharing Sites List Now these days everybody wants to get dofollow backlinks from high PR sites so guys here is another best way to get do follow backlinks via Document Sharing Sites. Here we came to share about one of the crucial elements that will help you to boost the presence of your blog or website in the search engine.  Nowadays we all want to send the file and keep it save as well.

Here we are providing you some techniques to create backlinks for your websites and blog that you may use. These are some quick and easy techniques to build backlinks. This is pretty simple to create backlinks by sharing documents on following documents sharing sites.

Get high pr pdf submission sites 2017 You have to do some basic things like simply to create some documents like PDF, Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and hyperlinks of your blog or websites address in those documents only. Here are some free high PR article submission office sites.

List of 10+ Best High PR Document sharing sites list to get high PR backlinks

#1 Scribd

Scribd is the world’s largest document sharing community and with High PR. Here you can share huge document at one time only it is very quick and safe. It will also support your massive number of the document type. It has more than 17 million viewers to its documents per month. And, It is frequently used in several businesses for sharing documents in less time. SlideShare

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#2 SlideShare

Dofollow High PR Document Sharing Sites
Dofollow High PR Document Sharing Sites

SlideShare is a very great option for pdf sharing site to promote your documents in a very great manner. It has very good useful presentations to get the visibility you need for your website or for your blog as well. This has a very high-class audience who share their documents. It has more than 60 million unique visitors per months. free pdf submission sites list

#3 Author Stream

Author Stream is a very good option to share your document on the web page. In this Author Stream, you can even convert your powerpoint slides into video. In Author Stream you can share your presentations in publicly or privately its free of cost, you need not have to pay any amount for sharing through this.

#4 SlideBoom

With this High PR Document Sharing Sites – You can easily share your document safely on web through this slide boom, you can also build your own application with presentation sharing all your features using this slide boom services. You can also able to collect your feedback from your presentation viewers, you can able to improve it according to your feedback.

#5 Keep and Share

Keep and share will keep all your document and information in internet cloud where you can easily able to access the location and listed in best pdf sharing sites list. You just have to create an id where when you want to view any document or want to share you just have to log in and view them from your device with internet anytime and anywhere.


This ISSUU is a professional document sharing site which is the more beneficial site for all professional publishers than for individual users. It has online publications where you can see the digital versions of print magazines, catalogs, and documents. It has millions of viewers add every month to share their documents.

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#7 Zoho

Zoho is one of the best document sharing site where you can able to manage your documents much easier. You can also able to create, store, share, collaborate and manage your all documents for your business in the cloud provided to this. This Zoho will give you option for sharing single file to multiple files or folders at one time only. This is very simple site for using it.


YUDU is a very good option for sharing your important document on web with High PR. This will give you a cross-platform solution for publishing your document across the web. An upgraded YUDU publisher helps you to publish any type of documents in a very less time. It has around millions of viewers and slide share members.

#9 2shared

This 2shared site is best for sharing the documents on the web page as it will give you online unlimited free web space. Even there is an option of multiple upload, which will help you to upload multiple documents at one time only. This is a very good option to upload document as it has really fast download option too.

#10 Free eBooks

Free eBooks is one of the best document sharing site where you can easily share and publish your documents as it has millions of readers and visitors come to find and read the documents. You can easily able to post your document online at any time and anywhere.

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