(10+) Best Video Player Apps for Android in 2020

In this era of smartphones when everyone carries a phone. Phones with the amazing power of processing High-class graphics. People share videos over their phones with each other. I have 3 video players in my Smartphone. When anyone video player is busted, I can still enjoy my movie with another player. So, Today in this article… I’m gonna share the Best Video Player Apps for android in 2020You must give them a try.

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List of Top 10 Best Video Player Apps For Android in 2020

Best Video Player Apps for AndroidI have tested out many video players from the Play Store. But out of them all, I like these best video player apps. So, Let’s talk about them each one by one.

#1. MX Player

One the most known and most reliable android video player. I’m using this player from the day I bought my phone. And there is no crashes or inconvenience with this application. It has got 4.7 of 5 rating at Google Play Store, with over a 100000+ Downloads. You must give this one a try. I hope you’ll fell the same way as me. It contains almost all of the features, a video player should have.

#2. VLC for Android

Another good and reliable video player. VLC is making their name mostly in video player market. As VLC has provided the video player for most of the platforms, including windows, MAC, Linux, android etc. Their service is very decent and reliable. you’ll get regular updates about bug fixes. It supports all of the files formats out there. VLC is my first alternative player of MX player.

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#3. KMPlayer

Amazing but slightly less popular video player. It contains the capability to play all the video formats on your phone. But the main advantage is its User interface. The sleek and decent UI makes it more easy and beautiful to run any video on your device. It doesn’t prompt unnecessarily about updating your player. you can manually update it via play store.

#4. Kodi

Kodi is a media centre app. Which has a nice and great user interface too? The UI keeps things easy and clean on the screen. But, it is designed for all of the screen sizes of android devices. So, it can play any video size on any android device screen. The application is free to download. It supports all of the file formats except few. It is a good player. Give it a shot.

#5. MoboPlayer

Moboplayer is another amazing video player. which allows you to play almost all of the video files format, including all those which normally your device would not be able to play. t supports encoding, multiple audio tracks, subtitles of movies etc. It is very good if you are watching movies on your device while travelling.

#6. BSPlayer

BSplayer is another player in this battle of Best Video Player Apps for android in 2020. Like all other video players out there. It also supports all of the files formats, with audios, subtitles. But it can accelerate the hardware to make your movie experience more smooth and effective. The application allows you to use the gesture support, by making different gestures, you can do multiple things.

#7. LocalCast

LocalCast is another competitor in this Top 10 list. It can perform all the basic functions which a video player can perform, like. Supports all video formats, audio track, subtitles, mind cleaning User interface. The advantage of using this application that it supports the cloud storage and online video playing capabilities. So, Using this player can save your space on the device, as now you can put your files in the cloud.

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#8. Plex

Plex is the best solution for the all of the modern difficulties with the device storage and usage. Along with having all the properties of being an idle video player. It allows you to setup a server. Through which you can connect your computer and directly play your PC files through your device. This is helpful when you have very less space available on the device.

#9. QQPlayer

QQPlayer is one of the most effective but less known video players. Like all the players, it supports all file formats, It contains the clean and User-friendly User Interface. The player allows you to take screenshots while playing a video. So, you can share this with your friends later on. The most amazing part is that it’s UI is completely customizable.

#10. Archos Video Player

Archos is an android hardware manufacturer. But this time they also come with this amazing and solid video player. This one allows you to play the video formats, but keeping one thing in mind about your hardware. It will not allow the intense pressure on your hardware. It comes with plenty of advanced features, like network streaming, online video play etc. with this awesome video player.

At last, I hope that you would like this Article. If you are in doubt or you have any query regarding anything related to this article. You can leave a comment below in the comment field. I will try to help you within 24 hours. Thanks.