Top 10 Sad Movies On Netflix 2018 (Updated List)

Sad Movies On Netflix 2017
Sad Movies On Netflix 2017

Sad Movies On Netflix- As We all already know about – Netflix is an American entertainment MNC. This started with the selling of DVDs against its competitor blockbuster and later it went on investing in a video on demand. Today movies are very easy way to getting information and also entertain. Exploring movies are fun and easy when it comes with critic and user rating. You can watch out the list of best Sad Movies On Netflix 2018.

List of 10 Sad Movies On Netflix 2018

Meanwhile, Netflix is more focused on video streaming over the internet which is available on different media devices such as modern tablets, smartphones, and televisions. Here, we are providing you 10 most sad movies on Netflix that will make you so emotional. And make you feel cry.

#1. Rabbit – Proof Fence (2002)

Rabbit – Proof Fence is an Australian film directed by Phillip Noyce. This movie is based on the novel called “Follow The Rabbit-Proof Fence”. This movie has rated 7.5 as the user rating. This story is based on true story. This story is all about the journey of author mother and other two aboriginal girls who ran away from the Moore River.

#2. Fruitwale Station (2013)

Fruitwale station movie is written and directed by Ryan Coogler. This movie is based on true and real story of the event leading to the death of Oscar Grant, a young man who was killed by BART police officer in Fruitvale Station in California. And, This movie is also rated 7.5 in user rating. This movie also won many awards and critically acclaimed after released.

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#3. S. I Love You (2007)

This movie is a romantic sad movie. And, This movie is all about a late of couple which splits up by death. This movie is rated as 7.1. The plot of movie follows the wife as she inspired to act on what is suggested in the letter of her husband. The letter is a message from her husband who directs her on what to do after his death.

#4. Life is Beautiful (1997)

This movie story moves on against the background of World War 2, where Nazi occupied Germany is a hostile environment for all Jews. This is a critically acclaimed most sad movie. The story of movie begins with a book shop owner who falls in love which school teacher and which leads to the arrogant rich man whom he ends up stealing the bride from and marrying himself.

#5. The Squid And The Whale (2005)

This movie The Squid And The Whale is directed by Noah Baumbach which tells a story of two boys in Brooklyn dealing with their parent’s divorce. And, This movie has a great emotional attachment and it also has rated 7.4 as the user rating. This movie show the bitter separation of two brother due to the pseudo-intellectual thinking of their parents.

#6. Warrior (2011)

If you love emotion full of tears than surely you must have to watch this movie, this will give you to shed tears. This story is dedicated by strife and struggle. The plot really comes two brothers are confront their issues during the course of fight. The two brother having same blood in veins are now against to each other. This movie will give you to feel sad.

#7. Remembrance (2013)

Remembrance is the film based on the terror of German camps that also shows the story of German- Jewish girl and a polish man. This movie show the love and recue of his girl from the camp. The story breaks all the boundary of sadness and emotions.

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#8. How to Die in Oregon (2011)

Death is the only reality of life which is predicted but it is the most sadeness part of a human’s life. This is a documentary movie that deals with unusual law which allows the doctor to help and aid terminally ill patient to end their own life. This is the most painful and heart touching movie on Netflix.

#9. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008)

This is the best movie and the saddest also. This is an ironic and sad movie. Which is worth for watch. A movie like this makes our list of most sad movie worthy. This movie shows the rich and poor boy friendship.

#10. Blue Valentine (2010)

This is a sad movie of Dean and Cindy who are dealing with premarital pregnancy and the pressures caused by forced marriage. This movie gets a rating of 7.4, this is a youth based movie, who are facing and dealing with the relationships and forced marriage proposals.

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