Top 10 Best Must Have Apps for iPad ( iOS 10 ) | 2017

op 10 Must Have Apps for iPad to make iOS 10 Experience Count

Best Must Have Apps for iPad – Last year in the same month, we got our hands on the new iPad pro. Which excited everyone in the market and literally forced people to go walk to the apple store and purchase one. Well, this year Apple announced its new iPhone 7 model’s in the WWDC September convention, Also announced the new series 2 of apple watch. Moreover, This September apple released the much-awaited Ios 10. Apple’s own operating system, which is available for all 5th gen apple devices and above.Best Must Have Apps for iPad

List of 10 Best Must Have Apps for iPad :

Like always we are here to save the day by sharing with all of you the top 10 best must have apps for iPad, to take full advantage of the new Ios 10 and the big HD screen. If you recently bought the new Ipad, following are the apps you wish you had.

1. Swift Playgrounds (iPad)

  • Category : Educational
  • price : Free

Yes, you heard it right, Swift Playgrounds is a new application which was highly talked about at WWDC this month, released exclusively for the iPad and requires ios 10 to operate. Ipad has always been a great technological tool for teaching purposes and has been purchased or distributed all around the world to school’s and institutes for bringing in a better and an interactive learning method with use of the growing technology.

Swift Playgrounds teaches you to write Swift code in a fun, interactive way. Learn the code developers use to build apps. You get to do puzzle’s and learn basics of coding, in further challenges you can even create your own interactive programs. Swift Playgrounds has the opportunity to have a huge impact on the next generation of coders and developers. Definitely, a must try app !

2. Super Mario Run

  • category : games
  • Price : Free

The moment Nintendo co. Ltd. announced this app at the WWDC , in this month full of surprises from apple and one of the best must have apps for iPad. Since then we all have just been waiting for its official release. You just cannot avoid this app, No matter what age or gender you are ! At long last, Mario jumps into a new adventure on iPhone and iPad, this time, playable using only one hand. Nintendo claims that Even if this is your first Mario game, you won’t be able to put it down.

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For now, The app is visible on the app store but you cannot download it yet. It is still to be released publicly for all ! You can tap for the first time seen option “notify” on the app store and It will download automatically on your device the day it is available.

3. Mobcrush

  • Category : Entertainment
  • Price : free

So if you one of those pro gamer’s, who love to share a gameplay with your friends or with other gamers all around the world. We would like to introduce you to Mobcrush which is a new app for live streaming mobile games. You can watch tournaments and events, make friends with other mobile gamers; all from your iPad. This is also available on the iPhone. This application is already a hit. When the most subscribed YouTuber who happens to be a gamer, Live streams using Mobcrush and shares positive review about it ! That just means the app is going nowhere but straight to the top charts.
Streaming to Mobcrush is super easy and just takes one touch. You can broadcast from a live-enabled game on an iPhone or iPad with iOS 10, or use the Mobcrush companion app for Mac, available in the Mac App Store, to stream any game.

4. uMake – Sketch in 3D

  • category : Productivity
  • Price : Free

Made it to the editor’s choice tag on the app store. uMake is a next generation design tool helping makers & designers express their ideas in a quick and intuitive way. Award winning, groundbreaking and powerful, yet surprisingly simple to use 3D design app that will help you set your ideas free.  One of the main outcomes that you can see is that you can explore the shape and form while you’re in a 3D environment – this is a huge benefit while exploring ideas. Additionally, it saves a lot of time by getting too complex curves and surfaces without the hassles.

5. WeDJ for Ipad

  • category : music
  • Price : $ 2.99

There are other pretty good Djing app’s but why do we mention this in the list ? Because this is an app developed by pioneer DJ corporation. If your a DJ or someone who has good knowledge of music, you would know that pioneer doesn’t play around when it comes to consoles or any sort of music production stuff. This app takes your Ipad Djing experience to ease at the cost of just 2.99, which is way too less than what other DJ apps are asking for their Pro packages. It is a well-designed app, in terms of the user interface, the colors used on the app and every bit about it will make you want to use it more and more. You will definitely enjoy mixing music with clicks of a few button.

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If your not good at mixing, WeDJ got you covered. It comes with auto mix feature. So you can just sit back and sip your drink in that house party. While WeDJ will auto mix all of your music libraries without any issue. For those who are Pro mixer’s and love Djing, Well you can connect your DDJ-WEGo4 consoles (from pioneer) for tactical controls. It’s a win win for all !

6. Magisto Video Editor and Movie Maker

  • category  : photo and video
  • Price : free

Magisto is not a new name. It has always been a powerful tool for video edit’s and movie making, Which also got some attention from the media in web and technology category. Like getting featured on CNN, Wired, New York times, Wall street journal, Forbes and etc. Their new update is here which has got this app into our top 10 list. fully optimized for ios 10.

You can now express your creativity, to tell a story by working with magisto. It automatically detect’s your pictures from stabilization requirements to face detections and you name it. Moreover it Suggest’s you what your move style should be like and even auto-generates a small movie by just analyzing the photos. And NO this is not like apple’s photo app memory slideshow feature.  This is way more than that, the attention to detail this app provides with creating professional looking movies is no match in front of any of its kind. You can choose your own filter’s , images, caption’s, music and even select the style of content you want to create suiting the need of the video and its environment.

7. Youtube

  • category : Photo and video
  • Price : Free

This really does not need an introduction but deserve to be listed in Best Must Have Apps for iPad. You cannot avoid having youtube on an iPad. Well for the formality of it. Youtube enables you to see what the rest of the world is on about. You can tell your story or share any of your creative content to the rest of the world. Youtube is also the second most popular search engine service after and it is estimated that every minute there are about 240 video’s uploaded. So you can literally just never get tired of Youtube and that is exactly why you need it.

There is no second thought about installing Youtube.  firstly, because there is now 360-degree videos technology. Moreover many have started uploading content in 4k resolutions. Now how can one resist not watching it on a big and crisp display like of an iPad? Always Remember , If a top 10 list on iPad must have’s doesn’t have Youtube. Your just reading crap.

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8. Within VR (Virtual Reality)

  • category : entertainment
  • Price : free

Wow ! I mean, I downloaded it myself ASAP after reading about this app and the quality of content it offers is an eye-candy. This app is like your modern day Netflix of an app, which has a collection of HD quality cinematic content for virtual reality. From Vice documentaries to Music Videos and Short movies. You can watch it all. You will literally just feel like you’re in some other world with those HD 360 degree videos, The 3D videos with binaural sounds and those VR films. You’ll just fall in love with it.

Reading this information , you must have got an idea of what I am talking about. To get the real feel, you just have to install it right now.

9. Pennies Mini – Share budgets with your friends

  • category : finance
  • price : free

Pennies Mini is the newly released  iMessage app to help you share and collaborate on spending budgets with your friends and family. It requires ios 10 to run and is fully designed keeping in mind the new OS. The app aims to simplify budgeting and make it a fun and exciting experience that will help everyday people in their everyday lives. The world of personal finance and money manager apps has been complicated and boring for too long. This app can actually make it so simple for you to manage your finances.

You can record your spending, create spending budgets, add your purchases and share it with friends and family. Its integration with iMessages has made this application’s value to another level and so it is on our top 10 list .

10. Google Maps

  • category : navigation
  • Price : free

One of the most used services all around the world no one other than by google themselves. This is one of the must have app’s which you just need if you are unaware of your traveling routes. Doesn’t really need a brief because I know you already must be having google maps. Large HD screen of the iPad makes the navigation just as smooth as it could get. The features are insane, offline map’s , real-time traffic and street view are the things which would make your experience over iPad just insane.

Of course, this had to be one of those daily application’s which can come handy to you 24×7, to plan trip’s or to check your route. After all, it is tagged as ‘essentials’ on the Appstore for a reason.

The apps mentioned above are the Best Must Have Apps for iPad to make your ios 10 experience count and enjoy the big HD display. I have mentioned mostly new application’s to the list than just adding the mainstream popular and old one’s which you all might be knowing already. Comment below your take on this and share the reviews. Thank you.