8 Best Impressive Gmail Tools You Might Have Missed !

Best Impressive Gmail Tools
Best Impressive Gmail Tools
Best Impressive Gmail Tools
Best Impressive Gmail Tools

Gmail was launched in 2004 so it’s been making our lives easier for 12 years now. It is hard to imagine the world without this service but there are also numerous additional tools that provide brand-new opportunities to users. Some of them you definitely might have missed so we decided to cover those in our current article. Find out how to advance the functionality of your Gmail account!

#1. Mixmax

Mixmax does a wide number of things. Using it, you will be able to automate and track your emails, work on your personal schedule, create templates, and embed your surveys.
The tool also helps you customize the compose window – for instance, it adds the Send Later button and a services menu. You can write and publish with Markdown as well.
To arrange a meeting with Mixmax, simply choose several dates convenient for you in the calendar and let your partner pick the most suitable one. No lengthy mailing any longer!
In addition, Mixmax allows you to add files (including those that are bigger than 25MB) from Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

#2. Typeless

You won’t find a tool that would be more efficient in bringing your contacts together.
Typeless helps you import those from Gmail, Outlook, and all popular social networks and web services – now, you can share contact information without any difficulties! Moreover, you will be able to connect many Gmail accounts.

#3. Charlie

How often do you have to meet people you’ve never seen before? Quite frequently, we guess.
There is no longer a need to do time-consuming web searches in order to obtain a detailed dossier about your counterpart because Charlie collects all the information instead of you!
It checks out the contact details of people who invited for a meeting. An hour before your session starts, Charlie sends you a data alert.

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#4. SaneBox

SaneBox is an app designed to assist you in sorting of incoming emails. It gathers all unimportant messages in a special folder named SaneLater. Consequently, important emails rise to the top of the inbox and you can check them at once.
It features one more folder named SaneNoReplies where you can store important email threads.
Besides, SaneBox enables you to set reminders and transfer file attached to any cloud storage you prefer.

#5. Ugly Email

This simple Chrome extension helps you detect emails that are being tracked.
Right upon the installation, it monitors your inbox and identifies those emails. You even don’t have to open them!

#6. Morning Mail

View your inbox in a completely new way! Thanks to Morning Mail, incoming emails appear as cards and you can manage them with a single touch.
To delete a message you don’t need, swipe left. To add it to the archive, swipe right. Finally, to mark it as read, swipe down. Nothing could be more convenient.

#7. NetHunt

NetHunt is a highly functional Sales CRM system for Gmail and Google Apps that helps organise correspondence, monitor workflow, and store and share files of any kind.
It is an enterprise-level service created for companies working with Gmail or other apps from Google. NetHunt ensures safe online collaboration and keeps all your business records in order.

#8. Drag

If you love productivity, we have just the thing. Drag is a Chrome extension that changes your Gmail into organized lists (just like Trello, but for Gmail). We all love tools such as Trello and Pipedrive.

Drag Gmail App
Drag Gmail App

Drag brings this experience into your inbox, saving you time and making your productivity go through the roof. It brings a whole new level of organization to how you manage your emails. We’re big fans.

Another great thing about NetHunt is that it offers flexible packaging – there are a plenty of different features beneficial for diverse kinds of business.
The tool comes in desktop and mobile versions. Free trial period is 30 days. Install this tool to access your data any time you need!

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