(5+) Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2020

5 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2018
5 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2018

Are you looking for the best GIMP Plugins for your Image Editing Skills? are you ready for some extra help with GIMP software? Then, my dear friend, you are fortunate. Today I am going to talk about the best GIMP plugins that you must have to enhance your photo editing skills. Let’s have a look at the list of best GIMP plugins that you must have.

5 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2018
5 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2020

List of Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2020

Although GIMP is a platform for Linux photo editing, it is also available as an online tool for easy editing photos. Here I have compiled a list of BEST GIMP plugins that will help you edit your photos like a pro. So without wasting any time, let’s have a look at them one by one.


BIMP is a great tool for GIMP to edit images in a Batch Mode. In layman’s terms, if I will say it is a great tool to edit multiple images in one go. Suppose you have lots of photos, and you have to apply the same action to all of them. Simply enable BIMP and start editing the images and applying the effects.

All the images get changed as you will apply effects. So, this is a must-have plugin to install. It also allows you to crop, resize, and rotate another image of actions on a lot of images.

#2 Layer Via Copy/Cut

Layer via copy/cutis another best GIMP plugin that adds a lot of features to GIMP. And it makes him a great alternative for using photoshop from Adobe. You can add multiple filter layers, effects on images that you are currently editing. All you have to do is just install the layer plugin, and you can start exercising it from the top left corner of your game program.

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#3 Beautify

Beautify is quite famous these days because of its availability on common Android devices. And GIMP is a Linux software for editing images. So, beautify mode is also available for GIMP as a plugin.

Beautify is the best GIMP plugin that adds amazing effects while editing images. The best part is that it does everything automatically. All you need to do is click on the beautify icon in your GIMP program.

#4 LensFun

LensFun is an amazing GIMP plugin for editing your images by adding some lens effects/distortions. It also allows you to remove some distortions due to the camera’s length or any other distortion due to water droplets, another extra lens in the image itself. Sometimes distortion can also happen due to the glasses people wear inside the image.

#5 Refocus

Last but not least. Refocus is a great plugin of GIMP that allows you to remove all the Blurry effects, or you can also add some Blur in the picture using refocus. You can tell the software where you want to focus on the image, and you can also take a preview before exporting your project. So, all in all, this is a great plugin for GIMP software.

From the Editor’s Desk

That is enough! So this was the list of best GIMP plugins for you to use in editing your images in the best way using GIMP.

I tried my best to keep all these technical details as much as simple as it can be. If you have any doubt or any suggestion for me to add or remove from this article, please leave a comment below in the comments field.

I will try to help you out within 24 hours or as soon as I am available. Thanks for your time and I will see you in the next article with new innovative details about the technology.

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