10 Best Cydia Tweaks for ( iOS 9.3.5 ) you Should Download in 2017

Cydia Tweaks 2017: Everyone just waits for a jailbreak to be released so that one can unlock the full potential of their iPhones and customize it and make it cool with a bunch of amazing tweaks. Obviously one would really want to be updated and be guided on the Best Cydia tweaks that you can install to customize and improve your iPhone.cydia-tricks-tweaks

Even though There are many reasons why you should jailbreak your iPhone but the one which really attracts everyone is customization possibilities that it brings to your iPhone which apple does not provide. The secondary factor of course for many is to get all the apps for free, which is amazing.

So definitely go and jailbreak your iDevice to run it to its full potential. If you do need some highlight on jailbreaking then visit Pangu’s Site. They are one of the oldest players amongst the jailbreak developers. They have their own software which guides and instructs you to follow their process which is basically just connecting your phone and clicking jailbreak. Its that easy.

10 Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS (9.3.5) you Should Download

After the jailbreak is done and your phone restarts. You will see an extra app named Cydia, which stores and consists of every repository of iOS  tweaks and apps and allot more cool stuff that you can install to your iphone. So In this article, I will list down the Top 10 best Cydia tweaks & apps that are worth installing.

Lylac :

This particular Cydia app brings options to  customize the iOS 9 App Switcher. Like combine control center and app switcher into one or You can close all running apps with a single swipe gesture, Allot more options to customize the App Switcher and much more.

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Springtomize :

allows you to customize almost every aspect of iOS. You can do things such as increase the number of apps in the dock to 10, give the dock a cool cover flow effect, change the duration of the system-wide animations, remove page limits, customize the default animations, customize the lock screen, hide stock app icons and lots more.

BioProtect :

Protect your apps with Touch ID or passcode, Add stylish protection to your applications and many other protectable items and prevent opening them unless you authenticate using your fingerprint! (or enter a passcode, in devices that don’t support TouchID). You can configure it to protect access to applications, folders, settings panes, flip switches, control center items, power down, SIM unlock and more!

AdBlocker :

Everyone, I mean everyone hates advertisements.  If you surf the Internet often on your iOS device, then you definitely need an AdBlocker tweak. It does as the name suggests blacks ads from all the browsers.

iFile :

is one of the essentials to get if you are having a jailbroken iDevice. iFile allows you to  manage all your files, folders, photos and everything from a single place. You can access every file of your iPhone, every application documents or any data and even manipulate with the correct knowledge.

Eclipse 3 :

If you haven’t heard of Eclipse yet, it is a very interesting tweak that brings night mode across the entire iOS. It changes the theme of all the apps interface to a darker color scheme that makes it easier to read at night and reduces the amount of strain on your eyes. It really looks amazing, should definitely try it out.

ICleaner :

It boosts up your device time to time by removing unnecessary files, clearing cookies, temporary files and much more. It does not delete necessary files; it deletes only those files that are no longer in use.

Cylinder :

it allows users to create their own animations between swipes on app pages or just any animation in your phone. You can even combine multiple animations by layering them on top of one another.

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Power Tap :

the tweak adds useful toggles to the Slide to Power Off bars such as Reboot, Respring, and Safe Mode. To enable these options, all you need to do is tap on the circular toggle and it’ll switch from Slide to Power Off or Slide to Respring or Slide for Safe Mode. You can also change the text in the Settings option for Reboot, Respring, and Safe Mode.

CallBar :

 it displays the call interface as a banner at the top of the screen which occupies only one-third of the screen rather than the entire display. In this way, you can continue using your iPhone while choosing to answer, decline or dismiss a call without stopping what you are doing. its a very clean user face and lovely to use.