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Best custom roms for android – Android is now the widely used Operating System by Millions of Users because there are such reasons behind that One is android is an open source and you can customize your android device as wish you like. Android Platform is currently owned by the Known name of IT “Google” and Release their Operating System Updates time to time in alphabetic order like Android Jelly Beans, Kitkat & Marshmallow and keep moving on. Android put new features, security fixes and looks in the latest operating system. In Android you can access million of apps just free of cost. You can also check out the Best Android Apps & Best Android Free Games.

Because of its fully customized features android it become the mostly used operating System in the field of smartphones and tablets. One of the known term used with android devices is rooting. May be you heard about it. Rotting is a process in which a normal users get a high level privileges to fully customize your android phone. You can change its GUI and customize its features also according to your need.

There are many custom ROMs available on Internet that fully change your android Operating  System But Here we sort out some of best known Custom ROMs for your android smartphone. Just change your stock ROM and try the latest custom roms Its even better than stock roms. People are frequently using Custom roms because Google put ads and their own priorities in Stock roms so after rooting install custom roms and remove all ads and use your android as you wish.

List of Best custom ROMs for android :

#1. CyanogenMod  best custom roms for android :CyanogenMod best custom roms for android

CyanogenMod is one of the known name in Custom Roms because it is a company who release a different versions of CyanogenMod like 12 is the latest version of it. It is highly customized Custom Rom and  support most of the android devices. You can configure the working of the navigation bar, status bar, notification drawer and hardware buttons. Now the latest version of CyanogenMod 13 is rolling out based on android marshmallow 6.0. You can also find and download all types of custom roms on Cyanogen’s Official Website.

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It also allow you to delete the pre installed Apps which are compelled by vendor to install whether beneficial to us or not. It also provide profile option to be used for different users to restrict access for different users.

#2. Paranoid Android :paranoid-android best custom roms for android

Paranoid Android is another very popular custom rom who competing with CyanogenMod custom roms. they have all of features that you found in CyanogenMod. It allow you to change the color scheme in setting menu, multi-window feature, better performance and more space to be used to install other applications. It can have many of features that a every android users need like when you working on some application and a notification arrives so you can simply read by hovering the message. there is no need to open and  read messages. Paranoid Android is worth used it so guys just try this custom rom. Get paranoid android custom roms here.

Company Definition – Paranoid Android is a custom ROM aiming to extend the system, working on enhancing the already existing beauty of Android and following the same design philosophies that were set forward by Google for Android Open Source Project.

#3. OmniROM :omnirom best custom roms for android

OmniROM is also a best custom rom because this custom roms are developed by the former developers of CyanogenMod and it is one of the best custom roms for android. You can use your android devices with various views and customized way. Basically its gives you a handy options to control your phone’s notifications and other things.

OmniROM’s standout feature, however, is the OmniSwitch shortcut. The OmniSwitch is a quick-menu that you can load with shortcuts and jump from any part of your phone to any app, or vice versa, and it is completely customizable. Checkout the Custom ROMs of OmniROM here.

#4. AOKP – Android Open Kang Project :AOKP

if you like android stock roms so this is definitely for you because by installing AOKP rom it control all the stock rom features and you can have super access to customize it that’s why we listed this one in the list of best custom roms for android. We can also design custom vibration patterns to make it easy to identify who is calling even when your phone is in your pocket. List of all compatible devices and its more information is given in its official site which is given below. Official Website here.

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#5. Slim Bean :SlimBean

Slim Bean is another popular and best custom roms for android that focus on providing users simple interface without any error or bug. With the help of this Rom you can update your Android version only in one click. It uses a custom kernel so that we can take the advantage of better performance and battery backup.

It support various Android launchers and display themes with different styles. We can read our notifications even in lock screen. List of all compatible devices and its more information is given in its official site which is given below. Get Slim ROMs Here.