3 important components of your website

It’s unlikely we still have to tell you how important it is to have your own website. Whether you want to be able to reach possible customers as soon as possible in Google, or you just want a nice, online business card, your website is incredibly important for these goals. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to three components of your website that are necessary to have if you want to succeed online. Get informed! 

  • Corporate Identity

If you want your website to truly represent who you are as a company, it’s important that you develop your own corporate identity. This includes the colors your use, your tone-of-voice, your logo, and much more. A corporate identity helps a customer to recognize you, which will then help to form a first bond with your company. The idea behind this is when a customer wants to make a similar purchase to the one they’ve done before on your website, they’ll return to you. Or, if they see an advertisement with your colors, they’ll think of you regardless. A corporate identity isn’t only important for your website, but should be carried through your entire company. Visit Here

  • SEO-friendly texts

To reach as many as possible customers as possible, it’s important that you rank high in Google. A whopping 97% of the total internet traffic goes through this search engine, only showing its dominance. Optimizing your website to the factors given by Google, is called SEO. This on its own consists of many different components; one of them being the texts you place on your website. By writing these SEO-friendly, you include popular searches that are relevant to your company, which will help Google to index your website, and place it higher in the results. Possible customers will find your website easier, which can result in many different positive results.

  • IP Address

Every website needs its own IP address. This is the online address of your company. By using this IP, people can get onto your website, as well as you can use it to place links to your website, on different pages on the internet. It’s not always easy to find the perfect IP Address, as often the perfect address is already taken. Prefix Broker comes in handy here: if you want to purchase IP Address, they do everything they can to help you. This way, you’re guaranteed of the perfect IP Address for your website, which helps massively for customers to find you easier.

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